Established in 2017, The Gallaher Trust is an independent charity working to support delivery partners who promote job creation, skills development and provide assistance to disadvantaged adults in the wider Ballymena community. 


The Gallaher Trust is an independent charity working to promote job creation and skills development and to provide support to disadvantaged adults in the wider Ballymena community.

Since the charity’s inception, £2.78 million has been committed, with the organisation supporting projects that are striving to create over 400 jobs, develop skills for over 1,700 adults and provide support for over 1,500 disadvantaged adults by 2025.

The Trust aims to offer long-term support to the wider Ballymena community. Find out more about the work we do through the delivery partners we support by clicking here.


The Gallaher Trust aims to work alongside delivery partners to create jobs, develop skills and help disadvantaged adults in Ballymena.

From supporting business start-ups, the reskilling of individuals through innovative programmes and academies across various sectors, to helping those who are often excluded from society such as older people in our community and those with disabilities. The Gallaher Trust has supported numerous organisations to ensure the greater Ballymena community is supported.

If you’re an eligible organisation focused on creating jobs, developing skills or helping disadvantaged adults, visit the Contact Us page for more information or to apply for funding.  

Want to become a delivery partner?

Applications for 2024 will open in due course.