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The Gallaher Trust has been supporting Triangle Housing’s PARTIY project since May 2019 and with the project due to come to an end in October, we caught up with Triangle’s Norman Sterritt, to find out more about the project and how the Trust has been able to assist so far. 

  1. Can you tell us a little about Triangle Housing and the work of the PARITY project? What are your aims etc? 

Triangle is a Housing Association that provides a range of services within the community which goes beyond the traditional function of providing social housing in Northern Ireland. One particular aspect of service provision that The Gallaher Trust supports is the PARITY Project which seeks to enhance the Progression to Employment Service within Triangle. Within the Ballymena area the PARITY Project:

  • engages with a minimum of 60 individuals with learning difficulties, to positively impact upon their employment journeys through training, skills opportunities, work experience, apprenticeship schemes, experience days and work taster programmes.
  • Devises and implements a Positive Action recruitment strategy targeting employers within the wider Ballymena area by increasing the digital presence and communication of the services provided, experience teams and versatility of the offering.  
  • Raises the profile of the trainees in a number of ways including ‘This is ME’ digital CV and the range of service and support offered to business and service user alike, with samples of experiences gained within the monthly ‘Collaborate’ E magazine.
  • What inspired you to become a delivery partner with The Gallaher Trust?

The Gallaher Trust has such a compatible and complimentary ethos to our own of creating a positive impact on employment where it is needed most, within a diverse and inclusive community led focus. This natural fit inspired us to become a delivery partner. 

  • How did you find the application process? 

The application process was straightforward and the opportunity to present our project ideas to the The Gallaher Trust Board of Trustees was particularly useful.  

  • How has the funding obtained from the Trust helped your organisation and project to date?

We have added an additional member of staff from the Ballymena area to manage the project who in turn is striving to achieve all of the project targets. The enhancement to the work of the Progression to Employment Service has been particularly useful in that it allowed for greater engagement with the business community within the Ballymena area, which has helped us build ongoing relationships to integrate people with disabilities into work environments. 

  • What’s the individual impact of the work of the PARITY project?

To date:

  • Almost 60 individuals positively impacted on the employment journey
  • Nine are transitioning into skills training/ education
  • Eight are progressing into employment and related fields
  • 39 new contracts secured and brought into the Ballymena area
  • 13 employment opportunities secured within the business community 
  • What has been the most rewarding part about working with The Gallaher Trust on this project? 

The flexibility to provide a person-centred approach to having that positive impact on employment journeys throughout the original three-year term. The ability afforded to us to pause the project during part of the pandemic lockdown was a helpful and sensible decision and further demonstrates the flexibility that has been the hallmark of our relationship with The Gallaher Trust as a true and valued partner. 

  • How would you encourage other potential delivery partners to come forward and apply for funding?

I’d say to any potential delivery partner who can align their aims and objectives to those of The Gallaher Trust, to put forward their ideas to this receptive funder. Of particular help to ourselves was the opportunity to discuss informally our ideas prior to submitting an application which ensured that we had a good fit to funding objectives. 

If you would like to become a delivery partner, visit the Contact Us section of our website to download an application form. 

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