FAQs About Becoming a Delivery Partner with The Gallaher Trust

At The Gallaher Trust, we use the term ‘delivery partner’ a lot, but what exactly does it mean and how do you become one?

Applications for delivery partners are currently open for 2022 and we thought this was an ideal time to quiz the Trust’s Director of Operations, Greg McKinley about some of the most frequently asked questions he gets in relation to becoming a delivery partner.

Q1. What is a delivery partner?

As a charity, The Gallaher Trust, is unable to provide financial support on an individual basis or to a company. Instead, we team up with organisations that meet our eligibility requirements and that align with the Trust’s mission and ethos. These organisations have become known as delivery partners.

Q2. What are the eligibility requirements of becoming a delivery partner?

To apply, your organisation must be a charity, social enterprise or a not-for-profit.

At The Gallaher Trust, our ethos is extremely important and as such, to be a delivery partner, your organisation must strive to create jobs, develop skills or assist disadvantaged adults in the greater Ballymena area.

You can also think out of the box and create your own not for profit, just take a look at the NI Hospitality School, or if you are already a not for profit et al and your base isn’t in Ballymena why not set up a hub in Ballymena?

Q3. If my organisation becomes a delivery partner, what assistance are we entitled to?

If you meet the Trust’s eligibility criteria and are chosen to become a delivery partner, your organisation will receive funding for a particular project, that will create jobs, develop skills or assist disadvantaged adults.

Not only that but the Trust will also help your organisation to hone the project idea and will provide support to help ensure that it succeeds.

Q4. I’m setting up a business in the Ballymena area with the view of providing jobs for local people, am I eligible for funding?

Unfortunately, no. The Gallaher Trust is not able to assist an individual or a company. You could, however, be eligible to take part in some of our delivery partners’ projects where you can avail of assistance for your business. Visit the ‘Our Work’ section of the website to find out more about our current delivery partners and the projects they offer.

Q5. What impact can becoming a delivery partner have on my organisation’s project?

The success of a project is never guaranteed no matter how much support, financial or otherwise, is given. However, speaking from experience over the past five years of The Gallaher Trust, our support has enabled projects to get off the ground which have gone on to help hundreds of adults find employment or develop their skills and has also assisted disadvantaged adults, whether that’s through the Samaritans, the Simon Community or Women’s Aid. Your organisation has nothing to lose by becoming a delivery partner with The Gallaher Trust and everything to gain from it.

If you have any further questions or would like to apply to become a delivery partner, visit the Contact Us section of the website or email: greg@thegallahertrust.org with your questions.

If you need assistance with filling out the form or to check your organisation’s eligibility, download our guidance document.

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